The vast majority of foreign language teachers use music in the classroom, both as a tool for teaching and as a means of motivating students. Most students are exposed to English songs in their everyday lives, on the radio, on television, in TV commercials etc. They often buy music by English artists, and can usually recognise and sing a few of the lyrics. Music is a fun way of approaching the language, and that is what this project is all about.

What does The Sing Along Project consist of? Barbara Latham & Josep Suller (experienced English teachers & musicians) will perform a live concert in your school. But this is a concert with a difference: your students will be able to see the lyrics of the songs, projected onto a big screen and they will be encouraged not just to listen passively, but to join in, sing along, and even, for the more daring among them (teachers included), to perform themselves.

This isn’t a classroom situation where students are conscious that they should be learning. It’s a concert, they’re here to enjoy themselves and participate and learn without realising they’re doing it.

Teachers will be provided with packs to use in class, to exploit the songs used in the concert. In this way students will be even more familiar with the songs and the lyrics before coming to the concert. The songs will encourage students to develop their listening skills, to learn new vocabulary and structures, in fact they can be used as a base to practise all the skills. Although it is not absolutely essential to have used the pack before the concert, familiarity with the songs will build the students’ confidence.

Then they can come along to the concert, have great fun and learn!.


These are some of the songs that Barbara & Josep perform in their concerts. They include big hits from the 70's, 80's, 90's, and really recent ones. All of these songs are enormously popular among students (and teachers) of all ages and musical tastes. Since the students will be familiar with most of these songs, they will have more fun in the concert singing along! Teachers (or students) can choose which of these songs they want Barbara & Josep to play. It's a very good idea to let students vote the songs they want to listen to (and sing) the day of the concert.

  • Pink Floyd –Another brick in the wall
  • U2 –Vertigo
  • U2 -Still haven't found what I'm looking for
  • Hoobastank -The Reason
  • Katrina & the Waves -Walking on sunshine
  • AC/DC – Highway to hell
  • Guns ‘n Roses –Sweet child o’ mine
  • Simple Plan –Welcome to my life
  • The Corrs & Bono -When the stars go blue
  • Robbie Williams -Angels
  • Bon Jovi –Living on a Prayer
  • Europe -The final Countdown-
  • Queen – I want it all
  • Police –Every breath you take
  • Ronan Keating –When you say nothing at all
  • Eric Clapton –tears in heaven
  • Anastacia -Everything burns
  • Van Halen –You really got me
  • Alanis Morrissette –Ironic
  • Bryan Adams –summer 69
  • Dire Straits –Sultans of swing
  • Maroon Five – This love
  • Led Zeppelin (Rock ‘n Roll)
  • Gary Moore -Still got the blues
  • Coldplay -Yellow
  • Tina Turner -Simply the best
  • Status Quo -Whatever you want
  • Queen -the Show must go on
  • Mariah Carey -Without you-
  • Alan Parson -Eye in the sky-
  • Evanescense -Bring me to life-
  • Queen -We will rock you-
  • Duffy -Mercy-
  • Madcon -Beggin'-
  • Coldplay -Viva la Vida-
  • Bon Jovi -It's my life-
  • Michael Jackson -Billie Jean-
  • Michael Jackson -Beat it-
  • Katy Perry -I kissed a girl-
  • Black eyed peas -I gotta feeling-
  • Lady Gaga -Bad Romance-
  • Eminem & Rihanna -I love the way you lie-
  • John Lennon -Imagine-
  • Amy Winehouse -Rehab-
  • Adele -Rolling in the deep-
  • Bruno Mars -the lazy song-
  • Maroon Five & C. Aguilera -Moves like Jagger-
  • Taylor Swift -We are never ever getting back together-
  • Bruno Mars -locked out of heaven-
  • One Direction -What makes you beautiful-
  • Avicii -Hey brother-
  • Miley Cyrus -Wrecking ball-
  • Pharrell Williams -Happy-
  • Jessi J. -Price Tag-
  • Meghan Trainor -All about that bass-
  • Magic! -Rude-
  • Taylor Swift -shake it off-
  • Imagine Dragons -I bet my life-
  • SIA -Chandelier-
  • Ed Sheeran -Thinking out loud-
  • Justin Bieber -What do you mean?-
  • Felix Jaehn (ft. Jasmine Thomson)-Ain't nobody (loves me better)-
  • Adele -Hello-
  • Justin Bieber -Sorry-
  • The Chainsmokers (ft. Daya) -Don't let me down-
  • Justin Bieber -Love yourself-
  • Calvin Harris (ft. Rihanna) -This is what you came for-
  • Justin Timberlake -Can't stop the feeling-
  • Leonard Cohen (cover by Jeff Buckley) -Hallelujah (Shrek soundtrack)
  • Ed Sheeran -The shape of you-
  • The Chainsmokers (ft. Halsey) -Closer-
  • Clean Bandit (Ft Sean Paul & Anne-Marie) - Rockabye
  • Charlie Puth -Attention-
  • Shawn Mendes -there's nothing holding me back-
  • Pink -What about us-
  • Robin Shulz (ft. James Blunt) OK
  • Nirvana -Smells like teen spirit-
  • Camila Cabello -Havana- (ft. Young Thug)
  • Ed Sheeran -Perfect-
  • The Cranberries -Zombie-
  • ABBA -Mamma Mia-
  • Calvin Harris (Ft. Dua Lipa) -One Kiss-
  • Marshmellow (Ft. Anne Marie) -Friends-
  • Maroon 5 (Ft. Cardi B)-Girls Like You-
  • LP -Lost on you-
  • Lukas Graham -love someone-
  • Imagine Dragons -Believer-
  • Jonas Brothers -Sucker-
  • Ed Sheeran & Justin Bieber -I don't care
  • Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello -Señorita-
  • Billie Eilish -Bad Guy-
  • Lil Nas X (Feat. Billy Ray Cyrus) -Old Town Road-
  • Tones and I -Dance Monkey-
  • BTS -Dynamite-
  • Harry Styles -Watermelon sugar-
  • Måneskin -I wanna be your slave-
  • Olivia Rodrigo -Good 4U-
  • The Kid Laroy & Justin Bieber -Stay-


Barbara & Josep have already done this activity with great success in hundreds of different schools around Catalonia. The Sing Along Project is perfect for any level: ESO, BTX, Cicles, EOI, etc. Let's rock to learn!

Some opinions about this activity:

Aprendre anglès va més enllà de memoritzar unes normes per omplir exercicis de buits. Seguint aquesta filosofia, el departament de llengües estrangeres de l'IES Baix Camp de Reus ha organitzat aquests dies un concert de pop-rock per motivar els alumnes en l'aprenentatge de l'anglès.

El concert el va protagonitzar el duet format per Barbara Latham (veu) i Josep Suller (guitarra elèctrica), músics experimentats i professors d'anglès a l'Escola Oficial de Tarragona. L'activitat es va dividir en dues sessions: de 9 a 10.30 h va anar adreçada als alumnes de tercer i quart d'ESO, i de 11 a 12.30 h als de primer i segon. «Tot i que teníem por que els alumnes no hi participessin per vergonya, han estat molt motivats», va explicar Noemí Gomis, professora d'anglès i alemany i coordinadora d'activitats extraescolars. Els que estaven més entregats a la música eren els més petits: «Semblava un concert de veritat, cantaven, saltaven i cridaven, i fins i tot han acabat demanant autògrafs.» Les cançons que es van escoltar eren de tots els gustos, i hi va haver des de clàssics de Queen, U2 o Tina Turner fins a cançons de grups més moderns. Però el que els alumnes volien era cantar, i ho feien tant amb les cançons actuals com amb el The Finalcountdown , d'Europe, o amb el Every breath you take , de Police.

El departament d'anglès de l'IES Baix Camp va valorar l'activitat de manera positiva, ja que va representar una gran motivació per als alumnes, i fins i tot els professors van pujar a l'escenari a cantar. «Tancat a l'aula, és molt difícil entendre que el que s'està aprenent serveix per a alguna cosa més que per a un examen», va afirmar Gomis. L'objectiu de l'activitat es va aconseguir, ja que els alumnes, després del mèrit de cantar en anglès, estaven interessats a saber què deien les lletres de les cançons. A més, segons la professora, «no ha sigut una motivació que ha durat un sol dia, ja que hi ha hagut un treball previ». Algunes de les cançons s'havien treballat a l'aula abans de l'actuació, i després que tots els alumnes hi participessin ara tenen una motivació més per aprendre aquesta llengua. Tot i que és el primer concert que s'organitza, «n'ha quedat molt bon record, i ho intentarem fer, com a mínim, una vegada a l'any», assegura Gomis.

DIARI EL PUNT 9-3-08 ( IES Baix Camp)

Today I don't feel like doing anything, I just wanna lay in my bed, don't feel like picking up my phone so leave a message at the tone, ‘cause today I swear I'm not doing a nything…Nothing at all…
Last Wednesday morning we had a karaoke activity for all the students and teachers. Previously each group had prepared a song, and then we sang along it in front of the rest of the students. Barbara and Josep were the singers and they encouraged us to sing.They were very nice. Each concert lasted more or less an hour and a half. First, we were a bit shy, but then we didn't want the partyto finish.
It wasa very enjoyable gig. Everybody had lots of fun. Really, really, really EXCITING!

Cheerful Writers of 4th. INS SERÒS (LLEIDA)

El dia 16 de novembre, l'alumnat d'ESO i de Batxillerat van participar en una activitat de karaoke a l'Auditori nou d'Amposta. Les cançons, en anglès, eren cantades per un grup de l'EOI de Tarragona anoment Sing Along Project. Abans d'anar-hi, la professora encarregada de l'organització, Carme Ferré, ens va facilitar una pàgina web on podíem anar practicant les cançons i diferents qüestions gramaticals i de vocabulari relacionades. L'activitat s'emmarca en el Pla estratègic de centre i vol fomentar les habilitats productives speaking i listening en anglès. L'alumnat s'ho va passar molt bé.

Catalin R. Duma, 3r ESO-B. IES MONTSIÀ

Last 19th November, our English teachers organized a very special activity. A man and a woman came to our high school to make us practice our English while we were singing.

The man caught his guitar and the woman did the same with a microphone. Suddenly, the music started and the show began. Firstly everybody was shy but when we listened to the chorus of “Walking on sunshine”, the show began to cheer.

The most difficult moment arrived when the blonde woman asked us to come up on the stage. Nobody wanted to sing in front of the rest of the class, but finally three brave “macho man” demonstrated their courage. After that, even a teacher sang one of his favourite songs! During the show, we listened to a lot of famous songs and the people were very excited. People that we never imagined sang in front of everybody, and the woman walked through the class to make everybody sing with her portable microphone. At the end, we could see our personal singers moving their hair with the teacher and the long haired woman. It was really funny.

In conclusion, this show has been one of the funniest hours that we have spent in this school. We can say with absolute certainty that everyone would want to repeat this school activity.

Maria Margalef i Rosa Garcia, 2n BAT “Article de la revista APOSTA núm. 2

Hoy ha sido un dia muy muy especial para mi. Hemos realizado una genial actividad para que mis alumnos del CFA Josepa Massanés aprendieran Inglés, disfrutando de la música en directo, cantando, participando y practicando Inglés a tope, ¡que más se puede pedir!. Hemos cantado temas de Bon Jovi, Queen, Bruno Mars, Avicci, John Lennon, Guns and Roses, Cold Play, etc

Damián Ruiz. CFA Josepa Massanés

CRÒNICA INS JAUME I SALOU Click here for full review

Aquest curs a l'escola s'ha volgut innovar l'activitat del teatre en anglès a la que estaven acostumats cada any els alumnes de la ESO i és per això que s'ha organitzat un concert amb cançons molt conegudes per tal que els alumnes poguessin cantar-les i perquè, fins i tot, aquells més valents, sortissin a l'escenari a fer karaoke.

Aquesta activitat no només ha servit perquè tots es llancessin a cantar en anglès, si no que també ha estat un moment de diversió i bon ambient. El “Sing Along Project” ha estat tot un èxit!

La Salle de Reus.

....Everyone was sitting down in the assembly hall. The students could sing classic, modern pop and rock songs with them from their seats or on the stage. Everybody was excited and happy because it was fun. The concert was awesome! In my opinion, the singers were very talented. I hope that they come to my school next year because I would like to hear them again.

......The concert of last Tuesday was so good, because we had never had anything similar before. We spent a great hour singing different songs, all the time we had this couple who drove us out to sing and had a great time. All we were so excited all the time. We are keen on repeating the experience as it was something different that we had never done.

.....We sang a lot of different songs, and for me it was a perfect, because we went to sing with our friends and the microphones... And these people sang and played the guitar so well. I think that all the people there spent a good time, I hope that the next year we can repeat this experience.

.....I'm going to sing these songs in my house and I wish they will repeat this concert in the school next year again!!!

Students at INS Princep Girona

Per fi! Després de tanta expectació, el dia va arribar! El passat 3 de febrer, els nostres alumnes de 1r d' ESO van poder mostrar-nos la seva habilitat damunt l'escenari cantant cançons de tot tipus i de tots els temps en anglès! Encara que al principi ningú volia ser el primer, molt aviat el públic es va animar i al final tots estaven molt emocionats.

L'activitat va ser organitzada des del departament de Llengües Estrangeres i va estar a càrrec de Sing Along Project . Sens dubte, va ser un dia molt especial!

INS Les Marines (Castelldefels)

El passat 6 de maig alumnes de 1er, 2on i 3er d'ESO van poder convertir-se en estrelles del pop, rock per un dia i mostrar-nos el seu talent damunt l'escenari.
L'activitat va ser tot un èxit i el Departament de Llengües Estrangeres n'està molt satisfet.

INS Estela Iberica (Sta Perpetua de Mogoda)

Today, after some days rehearsing, Year 2 ESO students have taken part in the Sing Along activity in Foment Martinenc. Our students had the opportunity to sing their favourite songs on stage and they all had a great time!

Institut JM Zafra (Barcelona)

Students of 3rd and 4th ESO of our school have had a fresh start of the week with the karaoke concert of the Singalong Project. Barbara Latham (singer) and Josep Suller (singer and guitarist) are professional musicians who know how to create an easy-going and energetic atmosphere where students could undress all their shyness and step-up onto the stage acting like pop-stars! As the attached photos show as well, students have enjoyed to its utmost the programme.  It was undoubtedly a memorable event for everyone that may further motivate learning and using languages

ESCOLA GARBÍ PERE VERGÈS (Esplugues Llobregat)

You can see a short video sample here

On Wednesday 28th October, the Foreign Languages department organized an activity. We went to Lo Casino to attend a live concert. During the show, we had great fun because we could sing along English songs. We were all encouraged not just to listen, but to join in, and even the more daring among us to perform ourselves. First, we were a bit shy, but then we didn't want the party to finish. Some of our students performed really well. We are looking forward to next years' show.


You can see a few pictures of the activity here.

...després es va fer un concert-karaoke en anglès al gimnàs on es van poder escolar els èxits més actuals de Justin Bieber o The Black Eyed Peas. Els alumnes podien pujar a l'escenari i cantar les seves cançons preferides amb l'ajut d'en Joseph i la Barbara. Va ser una experiència molt gratificant i productiva on els alumnes s'ho van passar molt bé al mateix temps que aprenien.


You can watch a video summary here

Avui hem après anglès tot cantant cançons amb la meravellosa gent del SINGALONG PROJECT!
We had fun singing in english like a karaoke experience!


El passat 20 de desembbre els quatre cursos d'ESO vam realitzar el Sing Along. Però, sabem què és realment? Com ho preparem? Aquí teniu la resposta!

La majoria de professors de llengües estrangeres utilitzem cançons a l'aula com una manera diferent de motivar els alumnes a practicar tant la comprensió com l'expressió oral de l'idioma. Però, noslatres, hem anat més enllà i hem contactat amb els organitzadors del Sing Along project.

El Sing Along Project no és un simple “karaoke”. Es tracta d'un concert en viu organitzat per dos professors de l'EOI (Escola Oficial d'Idiomes) de Tarragona, Josep Suller i Barbara Latham, on els alumnes poden veure la lletra de la cançó en pantalla i participar activament.Però, cal dir que no arribem al concert, escoltem, cantem i ens ho passem bé. Darrera, hi ha un treball previ per poder anar al concert i entendre què estem escoltant i cantant.

Uns dies abans, el Josep i la Barbara ens proporcionen uns paquets d'activitats per utilitzar a classe i per explotar les cançons utilitzades en el concert. D'aquesta manera, els alumnes estaran encara més familiaritzats amb les cançons i les lletres abans d'assistir al concert. Les cançons serviran per animar els estudiants a desenvolupar les seves habilitats per escoltar, aprendre nou vocabulari i estructures, de fet, poden ser utilitzats com a base per a practicar totes les habilitats. Normalemnt, ells triaran una de les cançons proposades per treballar més a fons i poder-la interpretar en el concert.

Com ja hem dit, el Sing Along d'aquest curs es va realitzar el passat 20 de desembre i cal dir que els músics ens van felicitar per la gran motivació i que es notava la preparació prèvia, de la qual cosa n'estem molt satisfets.


We all agree that learning English can sometimes be very difficult. However, in our school we promote a new way for students to improve their English. It's called Sing Along, a project to learn English by singing songs, like a karaoke. A few groups of ESO go to the auditorium in Cambrils and they are exposed in a live concert where Barbara Lathan and Josep Suller (teachers at EOI Tarragona) are the main singers, but teachers like singing too. The students see the lyrics of the songs projected on a big screen; even so, the students prepare the songs in the class. In the first concert 1st and 2nd of ESO participated from ten o'clock to half past eleven in the morning. Later, 3rd and 4th ESO students could enjoy the second concert from quarter past twelve to quarter to two.

Yesterday, our students from 1st of ESO sang  Adele's Rolling in the deep.  1st A, sang the Bruno Mars' song,  The lazy song.  Our 2nd A students sang  Shake it off  by Taylor Swift. 3A preferred to sing  Moves like jagger , and 4th B sang  Yellow,  by the famous band Coldplay. 2nd C and 3rd B sang two songs by the same singer; Sorry and Love yourself,  by Justin Bieber. Finally, 4th C performed The Chainsmokers's song Don't let me down.  Apart from this, other groups went up to stage and had a lot of fun while practising this foreign language choosing the songs they wanted to sing.

Now we are awaiting for next year to sing again, thanks to this great experience!


Avui els alumnes del centre han assistit un concert en directe de música pop-rock en anglès al Teatre Casino Borràs de Castellbell i el Vilar, en què han estat convidats a participar tot cantant amb els músics i, fins i tot, actuar a l’escenari. Les lletres de les cançons s’han projectat en una pantalla gegant per tal que tothom les pugués seguir. El repertori de les cançons s’ha treballat prèviament i ha estat basat en “hits” de tots els estils i èpoques de la música pop-rock en anglès, des de grups i artistes clàssics com John Lennon, Queen o Bon Jovi, fins a grups i solistes més moderns, com ara Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran o Adele. El concert s’ha dut a terme en dos franges horàries, una per cada cicle d’ESO.
L’activitat anomenada “Sing Along Project” és organitzada per dos músics professionals i professors d’anglès, el Josep Suller (guitarra elèctrica) i la Bàrbara Latham (veu- nativa anglesa). Enguany, des del Departament de Llengües Estrangeres, hem volgut participar-hi ja que fa anys que funciona amb gran èxit arreu dels centres educatius de Catalunya.Els objectius d’aquesta proposta, educativa i lúdica alhora, són fomentar la competència lingüística i audiovisual, cultural i artística, a més de millorar la comprensió oral i lectora i motivar els alumnes en l’aprenentatge de la llengua anglesa a través de les cançons.

Tant els alumnes com els professors acompanyats hem gaudit molt d’aquesta activitat i esperem repetir-la el curs vinent!


On 4th April we had blast with Josep and Barbara on the stage Singing Along all together!
We had the opportunity to attend a live concert where we both, students and teachers, were able to perform the songs! It was amazing!! For sure, we save the date/activity for next year!

Comentaris dels alumnes:

It was a fantastic time ( Laura)
It was more interesting and funny than I had previously thought! (Cristian)
It was very funny and very lively (Jael)
I had a great time and I loved the guitar!! (Maria)


Per fi!!!! Després de tanta expectació els alumnes de l’ESO de la nostra escola han participat de nou al concert-karaoke SINGALONG. El passat 13 de març els alumnes vam poder pujar a l’escenari per practicar l’anglès d’una manera molt engrescadora. Des del primer moment els alumnes s’han mostrat molt motivats i han volgut pujar a l’escenari per cantar les cançons que prèviament havíem preparat a classe amb les professores d’anglès. Tots ells han volgut ser “stars for a day” i ens han fet gaudir d’una bona estona cantant cançons molt conegudes d`estil modern pop i rock......

Després de dedicar algunes sessions a classe per practicar les cançons, els alumnes han fet realitat el somni de pujar a l’escenari....i hem gaudit de cançons d’Ed Sheeran, The Chainsmokers, Calvin Harris, Taylor Swift, Shawn Mendes, Pink, Maroon 5, etc....

També cal mencionar Barbara Latham (cantant) i Josep Suller (cantant i guitarrista) que són dos musics professionals que saben com crear un ambient molt entusiasta any rera any. Els alumnes més tímids es veuen atrapats en aquest ambient, obliden la vergonya i també disfruten a tope de l’activitat.

Aquest any ha estat el nové any que hem gaudit del concert i esperem continuar molts més.....