Here you can access some exploitations of the songs that Barbara and Josep perform in their "sing along" concerts. Some of these activities are interactive and can be done online and others should be printed out to be worked in the regular classroom. Teachers will be provided with a pack of activities & games to exploit any of the songs Barbara & Josep do in their concerts. These activities & games are designed to encourage students to develop their listening skills, to learn new vocabulary and structures. In fact they can be used as a base to practise all the skills.


Example: Alanis Morrissette -Ironic-
interactive activity online
game: dominoes

Example: Robbie Williams -Angels-
Interactive activity online
Game & warm-up "trivia quiz"

multiple choice


To access the rest of the materials, you should type the password given to you by Barbara & Josep. By contracting them, your school will get a password that will allow you to access all the materials related to the songs of their Sing Along Project. You can do these activities with your students before and after the concert for practice and consolidation of vocabulary, grammatical points, idioms, topics, etc. that appear in the songs they play. (Let's rock to learn!)




Write the password and click on the button ENTER
(use your MOUSE, do not press the Enter Key in your computer)